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Picture-in-Picture for any tab

Browse the web in a floating window that's always visible!

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A simple way to multitask on the web

There are several ways to watch your favorite videos while browsing the web: this is called Picture in Picture. Wouldn't it be great if you could do this with any site, not just videos? TabFloater allows you to do exactly that - no more switching tabs back and forth!

Always on top

The floating tab always keeps on top, so you can interact with other websites.

Smart positioning

TabFloater can automatically position the floating tab over empty areas, so all content remains visible.


A small browser within your browser

TabFloater is a browser extension. The floating tab is a normal browser window: you can navigate to other sites, scroll and zoom, read articles, write emails - anything you would normally do!

The extension requires an application to be installed on your computer. It's called TabFloater Companion, and it is responsible for keeping the floating tabs always on top.

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